The CapoCaccia Workshops toward Neuromorphic Intelligence


iniForum GmbH has been established to create, develop, and deploy innovative events, exhibitions, workshops and conferences in the domains of science, philosophy, medicine, computation, engineering and related topics.

The company provides services in planning, management, administration, public relations, fund-raising, information technology, and financial control of events.

The founders of iniForum are:

The staff of iniForum have extensive experience in running large workshops, such as the three-week NSF Neuromorphic Engineering Workshop at Telluride, USA; and the two-week Capo Caccia Neuromorphic Engineering Workshop. Douglas is a co-founder of the Telluride and Capo Caccia Workshops, and Indiveri is co-founder of the Capo Caccia Workshops. Aguilar and Lawrence have provided over a decade of administrative and financial support for these and similar scientific workshops and discussion groups. Our staff have also designed and managed large-scale exhibitions, such the ETH and UZH contribution to the six-month Swiss National Exhibition, Expo.02.